Anzac Day! - by Gandalf the Great

Anzac Day was such a good day, I'm going to bring it to sweden I think... Everybody goes out drinking around 12 midday and it's apparently the only day a year when this game called 2up is allowed. Ella and I met up with Erin and Paul and a bunch of their friends at the Exchange Hotel in Balmain at around 3, we were supposed to meet them in the Rocks at 11, but we failed to get up... Ella actually failed to get up since she got up in the middle of the night to fix her project for school since she had been stressing about it so much. Freak. But anyway, so we get to this pub and go straight into the room we're they're playing 2up, and its absolutely packed with people screaming and holding money up in the air. So what happens is that a person stands in the middle of the room and flips a coin, before he flips it you bet with a complete stranger on heads or tails, so people are screaming either heads or tails and holding up their money, you find someone who's betting the same amount as you and just take their money out of their hands (if your betting on tails, as tails holds the money), if you're betting on heads you just hand over your money, and then wait for the coin toss and if you bet on the right one, you've won! I started betting after like 10 minutes in the room, but only had a limited amount of cash (Thank god) and lost twice. We stayed at the pub, which was a massive place completely packed, til around 11, then we tried to flag down a taxi for about an hour. We did get home in the end! =)
Tomorrow it is the beginning of a new five week block, monday til thursday here we come. . . Only 6 weeks til Camille's graduation! Sweeet as.
hahah ella


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