Flying Babies

It has been 2 weeks since my last post. And during these two weeks, pretty much nothing has happened. The Shire was amazing, Cronulla was a nice place! Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks til we go home for Camille's graduation. It's a good thing to look forward to, as it does keep me from dying of boredom in this city. I like sydney, I do, but after 7 months here... I could do with something a bit more fresh and exciting. I'm loving the weather, sunny but not too warm, It's around 23 degrees every day, love it. We even made an attempt to go out last night, (since we for some reason haven't been out in ages), Annika, Ella and I - but we abandoned it at around 11 after a couple of hours at Clock Bar and then Fringe Bar. We are pathetic. Well, last week of this 5 week block now, thats always something! BUT, then a 5 week block with school monday til thursday begins - maah. We do have a Nintendo 64 now which is sweet! Together with the tv it really does feel like we're back in the early 90's playing at home, all that is missing are the colour coordinated Benetton outfits. Oh jesus, here come the flying babies. Everyday at around 4, a flock of birds, all sounding like crying babies, fly over our house. It seriously sounds like 40 babies being born at once. Now I shall go and make a cup of tea.


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