Good Friday

Oh yes, I have been looking forward to this friday for a long time. Yesterday I could barely sleep, it was like this day was christmas. And do you know why? Because we're making tacos tonight, and we are allowed to eat our easter "eggs", chocolate Buzz Lightyears we bought. I am beyond excited. The past week hasn't been very eventful. Maria (the swedish chic in our building) went home, which is a tragedy. Annika came home from Whitsunday with a tan, which is unfair. We lost about 5 bidding sessions on Ebay, which was kind of good. We we're bidding on PS2's even though we have one at home, we just wanted one here, but then we realised that what we needed was a Nintendo 64. And we have now been carefully monitoring our bids since the bidding goes on for SEVEN days, and now there is only 1 day and 9 hours left. We have realised that we are going to have to be ready to go apeshit on the biddings in the last 40 seconds, because that's when all the shit breaks loose. We have to be prepared. We adopted a tv from our friends, so that half of the game station is sorted. Oh our home will be so complete.
I have now officially started my (fuck sober months) Drinkingallowedbutonlywithinmoderation Month. It pretty much says it all. I think drunken Ceci has to stay at home for a while, she's not really housebroken yet, and she has been destroying Cecilias reputation as a pleasant person. So yeah - she's staying in for a while.
Camille pulled of the rawest april fools joke. She texted mother saying that she had forgot to lock the door of her room in Oxford when she had gone out, and that someone had gone in and taken her computer and a shit load of clothes and her shoes and stuff. Mother texted this to us, oblivious as me and ella were of it being april fools day, we totally bought it. And then mum texted back saying that Camille had just said "April Fools" when mum had called her up completely hysterical and beyond angry. Evil we thought. Like mother said - this was almost as good as when we made dad believe that we we're getting a dog.
On Sunday Erin has invited me and Ella to go to - wait for it wait for it - THE SHIRE. I'm not even kidding. We will be heading down in the car with Erin and Paul, and then staying the night in their house. It's going to be amazing. I think this could be a bit of a dream come true. I know one person who would be so jealous. And she's coming with me, so I'm thinking that can't count. . .
The nicest place in the world, where I'm bringing Ella today!
I know I haven't updated for a while so I would like to apologize to my fans (Nicholas FS) and just say that I will get better at updating and maybe we could have like a competition? Where you could win like.... a chance to speak to me or something? Get back to me on that, I just want to make sure you stay happy. Thank you. Love Ceci.

Postat av: cia stalker #one

i love you. you should talk about the competition we are having with camille

2010-04-02 @ 03:35:53

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