Why am I awake? It's 8.07 am, I was out last night, Why am I awake?! I think it might be my excitement about going to IKEA in a couple of hours. Yesterday was a random night, I actually decided that this was going to be a quiet weekend, but no, that didn't start off too well. I met up with Maria, the swedish girl who moved into our building not too long ago, met her other swedish friend Anna living with Maria, and they dragged me along to Ravesi's in Bondi, where we met more swedish people! =) haha Then at like 1 me and Anna just went home. It was a good night! Today it is off to IKEA to eat meatballs, buy some swedish food and I think I'm gonna buy something else as well, like I just want to buy something, like a cup.... or... just something. I just got my loan from CSN, OH the glory. Poverty no more. Work? Hell no. Travel? Hell yeah. I have my year sorted now, til I come home and have to pay it all back.... äsch, I'm happy now. And then I am going to meet up with Gabriella (the Brazilian girl) to go to Argyle in the Rocks for a bit and meet up with some Aussie dudes she met the other day, and then on sunday I will NOT be "celebrating" Valentines Day, I will be on a Brazilian Fiesta celebrating something Brazilian in Darling Harbour! :) My weekend is sorted! Oh god, I seriously have to try to sleep now. Ciao.
Photos from our three hour walk on tuesday, Apparently all roads lead to Cecilia street!


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