This is Cecilia. Chapter One.

This is Cecilia
Chapter I
Written to you by Gabrielle Blomdahl
Earlier this evening I was sitting quietly on the couch, attempting to paint my nails. This is something I force myself to do once or possibly twice a month. Cecilia on the other hand, spend around 50 hours a week painting her whole hands in red, black or white nail polish. After covering her hands in toxic paint she grabs her bottle of nail polish remover along with approximately 49 cotton buds. She then starts removing all the nail polish around the nails, always managing to slip onto a nail or two and naturally...starts the whole process over again on the damaged nails.
So, there I was, minding my own business when Cecilia pirouettes into the living room singing/screaming the new "We are the World" song, for Haiti. She suddenly stops in front of me and says with a snotty, superior voice:
- Ella, you do know that you have pretty ugly nails right?
- Uhm...
- Oh and don't you know that you aren't supposed to paint the whole nail??? Yeah you shouldn't paint the sides, it makes them look longer. Look at mine!
- Ehm...
After offending my nail polish applying skills she once again belts out the "We are the World" song observing her "perfectly" painted white nails.
After about 30 minutes she re-enters the rooms, this time quietly, and says to me:
- Ella, I have to borrow something to wear for your birthday dinner tomorrow.
- Yeah, alright.
- Oh and I haven't really thought of buying anything for you yet. Like, I haven't thought about it at all.
That's nice...
OH and she made the most awkward comment tonight as well. She said:
- Recently I have been doing all the cleaning in this family!
- You and I are a FAMILY now?
- ...
- ...
Stay tuned for Chapter II

Postat av: Emelie

hahahaha loves it

2010-02-25 @ 17:32:57
Postat av: Mama

Yes! - Ella please, bli ständig gästbloggare - ha ha ha. Kan se hela grejen framför mig;-)

2010-02-25 @ 18:50:43
Postat av: Child

HAHAHHAHAHHAHA. sesse i ett nötskal! älskar det!!!! bra tips där med naglarna förresten HIIHIHIHIH

2010-03-04 @ 09:57:01

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