It's time to dance like no one's watching.

Quick little update in my "very" eventful life... School is like it always is, maybe a little bit more intense, which means we ACTUALLY have to hand in a thing or to like once a week. Oh so challenging.... Last weekend me and Annika went out on friday, right after school we went down to Darling Harbour, stayed there for a good couple of hours, and then we were off to a gay club on Oxford Street! It was a mad night, and a good one! On Saturday we are celebrating Erins birthday at her place, BBQ and drinks from 3pm and then to Fringe Bar! :) I guess I will be doing what I always do, dance like no one's watching, which I can tell you is NOT a good thing... Oh shit ye, my freakin card got "skimmed" as we say in swedish, some fuckin moron copied it, my bank did manage to cancel it before any money was taken out. But still, I am now without a credit card. Mother is sending me a new one soon though. Get a move on with that please, I feel a tad crippled without it. I will återkomma with an update snart. Im starving, getting dinner now, CEREAL, like I always have. Poverty Struck.
I got a bit freaked out by living in a mental asylum inspired room so I fixed up my wall a bit. Oh so proud.


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