Tuesday ◆ February 23 ◆ 9.38pm

Today I received my lovely parcel that I ordered from Theoutnet.com the other week, a Marc Jacobs bikini! :) Perfect now that the australian winter should be coming.... Ella and I did go to the pool on monday though, it was seriously around 38 degrees out, which is just too warm. Now it's back to around 25 which is perfect. Friday is coming up and the celebration of Ella turning 22 on sunday shall begin, I booked the table at Fringe Bar which is going to be a lot of fun! It's just going to be Ella, me, Annika, Erin and Paul for dinner, some other people will probably show up after dinner, but we'll see! :) Oh I forgot, this is just toooo good, the other week me and Ella were going home in a taxi and pulled up at some red lights next to this funky looking pink and blue car with disco lights in it and people singing and just completely pimped out, and a huge logo on the side of it saying CABBIE-OKE. DUDE; it's amazing, the two loves of my life, not having to move a.k.a taxi, speaking constantly a.k.a singing. So I quickly decided that we HAD to book one of them for like a couple of hours, and just go around the city cabbie-oking, so I go onto their website (www.cabbie-oke.com.au) to do so, and on this website there are just a load of videos of people doing the cabbie-oke which you can rate and comment on, and APPARENTLY if you do so, you are in the draw of winning a Nokia E71. So of course I find an awesome video of this geeky looking dude together with like a cool asian singing "Barbie Girl - Aqua" and I just haaaad to comment on it. So today I check my email, where I have a mail from the cabbie-oke manager person, saying that I am one of 4 people who have won a phone hahah, I died. I called them up, because I needed to give my personal details (and I'm very skeptical towards getting something for free), and I have freaking won a phone because of my comment apparently being "hilarious and excellent". I of course will not believe this until the day I have it in my hand (which will be in like 2 weeks). The most random thing ever I think. But you can't book these cabbie-okes, you just have to flag one down when you see it and they will drive you wherever for free, on one condition, you have to sing a song and wear some of their ugly props like wigs and hats etc. I am going to hunt one of these babies down.

Postat av: Mama

JAG VILL HA BIKININ!! (Och jag vill åka Cabbie-oke taxi!!!!!)

2010-02-25 @ 18:54:44

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