Sydney Zestival

And the festivities have begun! Yesterday was Festival First Night, what a glorious night. Didn't really spend a lot of time at the festival, but the vibe was very festive indeed. Met up with Ella who was with Erin, Paul and a LA friend, Annika totally dissed me to be with her man, bitch, but what can you do. We spent a good couple of hours at the bar tent enjoying many refreshing beverages amongst total randomers and with the deafening sound of drums, love it. Woke up this morning, not feeling too great. Ella started telling me her story of last night, I went to meet up with Annika at around 10, and Ella went out with the LA dude Jeremiah. Apparently since he was wearing flip flops (oh sorry thoooongs) he wasn't let in to any clubs, so Ella thought it would be a great idea to ask people to lend their shoes to J. People we're of course very hesitant to this idea, but Ella made sure she would return the shoes very promptly by putting down a deposit of like 10 dollars to these people. And believe it or not, people actually lent her their shoes. So she spent most of her time, sneaking J into clubs, and running up and down with shoes to people. Not only did she do this, but she also went to go and buy drinks with his card at the bar on the 1 floor of this club, but being as drunk as she was, she completely sidetracked and started buying tequila shots to bartenders, which I'm thinking J's gonna love to notice when checking the radical change in his account balance.... Tomorrow school starts again - murder me. BTW, my Ipod heard my prayers and freaking came back to life. Amazing. Bible.

Postat av: Skitskallen

Fräscht att höra att iPoden återuppstod!!!

/Din trognaste läsare

2010-01-11 @ 10:02:17
Postat av: child

hahhahha. det är aaaaaamazing! (vill också festivala i australand)


2010-01-11 @ 21:59:35
Postat av: ann

hahaha, ella - du är galen....:-)

2010-01-12 @ 10:40:49
Postat av: Anonym

2010-01-12 @ 10:46:38

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