Beautiful Burgers

We have this place across the street from our apartment called Beautiful Burgers which is like heaven on earth. I went there for the first time yesterday, and today when I go there, she already knows my name, how I like my coffee, where I am from, that I have lived in Ireland and what I am doing in australia. I love it that she (the owner) is from Belfast as well, because their accent is glooorious! I'm so going to become a regular there. It's a bit old school as well, they have these coffecards (the 10th coffe is for free) which I'm used to putting in my wallet, but at Beautiful Burgers they have this filing system where they put your cards, so you don't forget it and miss out on a stamp. . . haha :) I LOVE IT!

Postat av: ann

Lööööv the name Beautiful Burgers....

2010-03-04 @ 23:58:29

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