It's just insane. I don't know who I dislike more, Heidis sister or her mom right now. Oh her mom came into town and started lighting me up, she was like: I think you're manipulative and controlling and Heidi doesn't tell me all the details of her life anymore! I'm like 'settle down stalker mom'... And then Holly is just like the mooch of the century. I have to like spend my day in a coffeshop because Holly's on my office all day long. She doesn't even leave the condo! I can't even imagine disliking a sister more, she'd make you feel good! Oh and then Holly must have talked Heidi into writing LC some apology letter and like 'lets make peace'. And I didn't know about it. I didn't even get to read it or... spellcheck it. Holly is really throwing some wrenches in this machine. They started the war when they came out here and bombed me like pearl harbour. And every time I say like 'holly move out' Heidi's like: don't listen to him, spencer stooop, don't be mean... (signals a thumbs up)
Thank you Ella for the longest text message and best quote, of all time.


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