Mourning the death of many braincells. Poor little brain - slowly withering away. Yesterday was Annikas housemates leaving do. Annika and I went to Beautiful Burgers for dinner before getting Maria and walking to Annikas house. The party was fun! Annika went to bed at around 10 though because she had such a headache, she said she was going to lie down for a couple of minutes - and then we never saw her again! Today Maria, Anna, Terry and I went to Bondi to watch the surf competition! The weather is perfect today, around 20 degrees and sunny! =) We saw Kelly Slater, he was in the celebrity surfing part of the competition. I don't know what the hype is about, but apparently it's cool to have seen him. . . I'm just gonna go with it. On monday I get my phoooone! WOHO Thank You Cabbieoke, my Prada is not doing so well anymore, it's going to be a bit sad to replace it though, it has been one dedicated little baby for a good year now! HAHA Ella is now playing Goldfish - Jasmine Sowoud in the bathroom, AND singing along. LOVE it. All I can think about is going home for Camilles graduation - I'm counting the days. I'll get some photos up of the surf comp when I steal them from Anna. She's leaving tomorrow! SUCKS ass. Annika moved to Bondi today! I have officially lost my mother and will have to walk ALONE to school every day now. Bitch.


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