Monday, March 8

Ew, it's 31 degrees outside. Ella just came home from school and went straight to bed. I'm still hungover and have already slept for like forever, and Annika is also dying I've been told. It has been one heavy weekend. Ella and I had been looking forward to making Taco's and watching a good film on friday for like a proper week. Then comes friday, we take our first glass of wine for the weekend, start talking to Nicholas on skype, after the 1 1/2 hour conversation with him, we realize we have sculled around 2 litres of wine and we're pissed. I start making dinner (on my own, oh the effort!). I go to the roof to have a smoke, in my pj's, meet some french people who live in the apartment beside us, get invited in for a shot, I of course go, I get Ella, she get's a shot, we leave, we go back in to our apartment, turn of all the lights, lie down on the floor and listen to music, drinking and singing along for about an hour. Then we of course think it would be a brilliant idea to go to Purple Sneakers across the road, so we threw on some clothes and then we were out the door. When I'm standing in the gas station just beside our house to use the ATM I meet a friend from home, Lovisa Swärd, extremely random, but Lovisa and her friends are at Purple Sneakers as well so we hang out with them there for a while. Black Black Black. I wake up in my bed, it's saturday morning and my head is having a fit wanting to explode. Thats pretty much friday for you. Annika and I went to see Alice in Wonderland on saturday, and then bought a shit load of fish fingers and fish cakes (I got the strongest and weirdest craving for it) we go home to mine and cook the food, I eat 13 fish fingers and 3 fish cakes, go into a strooong food coma, and then we got ready to go to Marias paartaaay (2 floors below ours). The party was so good. Even though I was shaking from my hang over the first 3 hours, It was a lot of fun! And we have also set up some Ps3 sessions with the lads living there. I'm so excited. This week it's back to "reality", excruciating lessons at Martin College that is.

Postat av: ann

fick för mig för en sekund att ni skulle ha en lugn helg med korsord.... icke sa nicke!

2010-03-09 @ 09:04:35

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