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To say that we went to Hugo's for "some" drinks would be the understatement of the year. We went to Hugo's for A LOT OF drinks. Like, I don't know what my problem is, but I don't stop drinking - ever. Hugo's was good on a Sunday though! We of course went to the place across the street, which was a complete shit hole, sat down by the lamest crowd of guys we could find and socialized.
I braided a psycho-rocker dudes hair.
I played pool without ever managing to hit the ball.
I analyzed people with my new found partner in crime - a chubby dude who had lived in Dublin.
I sat down on the pavement and had a very deep conversation with my chubby partner in crime.
I constantly had to find ways to avoid the psycho-rocker as I by braiding his hair gave him the impression that we were meant for eachother and that we had a deep connection.
That was my night.
Oh so proud.
I love Annikas swedish friend Madde - she was hilarious. I just finished watching The Blindside - and I loved it. Thought I would hate it. I don't know why. Going to start watching District 9. I can't move. If I do I will barf. On myself. I'm gonna go now. Have to get to Ella's room to get my USB. It will be a struggle. I do find it easier to transport myself when I shuffle - so I'm just going to do that. Btw, don't worry - there are photos. I'll get them up here when I get them from Annika. Exciting for you all to be able to put a face to the name - the now infamous psycho-rocker dude.


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