Oh the Escapades

It's monday again... Annika left me alone in school today (traitorous bitch) but I survived. I have the same class tomorrow and I have to do a presentation which I just now got together, Powerpoint on mac is so difficult, like I'm not technologically retarded and I found it challenging. I think I might youtube a tutorial, I also need to get a grip on this voiceover dude who keeps conversing with me. Life has been very cheerful these last couple of days, I have been living in a bit of a euphoric state since I found out that Ella and I are going home for Camille's graduation in Brussels :) Only three months left! NICK are you coming by the way? You better not bail.
Pictures of friday nights escapades, Annika and I wore those mingen tiaras all night! Oh so attractive. (I secretly love them but that is just something I'm not going to ever admit)

Postat av: Erin Michelson

i love that this form is in swedish! anyway, i had such a great time with you girls on friday....even better that i didn't fall over in my shoes! score!

2010-03-04 @ 07:36:28

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