I am really hungry so I have decided to make food. I open our "pantry" and there is nothing there. I open the fridge but there is nothing there. I open the pantry again and I notice in the corner of the second shelf a lonely little soup can but also a bag of rice. AHA I have found my feast. I open the fridge again, but I am now looking at it in a whole new way. I notice some sauces like salad dressings, tartar sauce and taco salsa that I think will go "fine" with my rice. I also had some of Ella's old neglected stale cereal. Quite okey actually. I realize I don't know how to make rice. I look at the packet and there are the instructions! This makes me very happy. I know how to cook the soup so I start cooking the soup. It is still cooking. And my rice is being made. I only have to wait 10 more minutes. And then I can start tasting the rice with some of my sauces. I also found teriyake sauce, maybe that will be perfect with the rice. Ella also bought ketchup in to the household today, which would go perfectly with my meal - but NO, she decided to buy another brand and not Heinz. So I can't have it with my rice - I have principles. It would be against my beliefs as a human.


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