Almost Tuesday

Another three days in school and then we're done for this week! And then I won't have to return to Martin College for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Thank F*** for that! I also hope the weather will decide to be shitty all this time when I'm gone, and then just suddenly turn into pure bliss when I come back. I mean, I did give a homeless man a pillow and a blanket the other day, karma so owes me. I booked Sex and the City 2 for thursday! We were going to wait and see it in GoldClass when we come back from sweden, but in what world would I be able to sit on the plane, with the film in front of me and NOT watch it? And that would make Annika sad so I booked it for thursday instead, and we're having dinner at ours before. Annika is of course cooking since neither of my parents managed to pass on a cooking-skills gene, nor taught me anything about how to make food. Thank you oh so much for that. ♤

♥ Shoes

Ellas message to Erin yesterday at 1:50 am.

O...m...g... ERIN. Im in fringe, supertipzyyy. Jaysus, attwnede the sidebarparty first ans then im here. Freds forcing me to do patrone but all I waanna do is btterscotch and baileys shots aaaah haha. Im falling down a deep hole. But I will immesrse 0800 soldier....well...iiissshhh. Cecilia just spat on the floor. Oht his is gonna be a grat lunner.

9 days 20 hours 55 minutes 40 seconds

Hello dear blog. Oh have you missed me, I know my readers have (still that one yes, NFS you know who you are). I have been gone for a while but during this time, not much worth mentioning has happened.
The official countdown for our departure to Sweden has begun since we have now passed the 10 day mark! Ella and I are so excited. We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and now it's almost here, quoting the infamous NFS; "surreal" is the closest thing to describing it. The schedule for when we're home is very intense, just what we need - a bit of non stop action. I have a feeling it is going to be a liiittle bit difficult to get back on a plane to Australia on the wednesday coming home from Brussels though... But it's gotta be done. This weekend will be a quiet one, both physical (yes the 6 pack competition is still going on and I have a feeling all I will be contributing with is a 1 and a half pack (I think I can hint just a liiittle but if "1 & a half" ab just where my headphones are) and then mental preparations are in order. I am having a little Food, Pool and Drinks sesh with Frederico tomorrow night, as I have now officially become his shrink. Thrilling ☺
Some pictures of a night out last weekend


John Mayer was ridiculously good! One of the best moments of my life, by far. I'm gonna try to go to more of his concerts, but he never comes to Europe!! Will have to catch him in USA some time! Yesterday Annika, Fred and I had a real nice lunch after school and then Fred, Ella and I were out til like 2 just playing pool and drinking gin & tonics! I beat Fred's ass properly, won 5 games out of 7! After our eleventieth drink we stopped counting the games of pool.... Our skills just went a bit downhill after that.... Tomorrow it's school again - fy fan.
4 weeks left til we're going home!! :) (Check out Ella's videos from the concert on youtube - Ellaa3)


THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!! John Mayer concert!! We are complete idiots though since we went out yesterday resulting in a "minor" hangover.... (read Ella and I are extremely hungover from last night - dying). This is going to be bliss... Our new favourite spot is a restaurant by central (yes, millions of cars and buses and people everywhere, who gives a shit) and they have a live JAZZ band on fridays! And a killer margarita - every friday night sorted now! We have also found a store that have guitar hero and dj hero set up so you can "try" it. Frederico and I have spent a total of 4 hours there this week... Ace.

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