Almost Tuesday

Another three days in school and then we're done for this week! And then I won't have to return to Martin College for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Thank F*** for that! I also hope the weather will decide to be shitty all this time when I'm gone, and then just suddenly turn into pure bliss when I come back. I mean, I did give a homeless man a pillow and a blanket the other day, karma so owes me. I booked Sex and the City 2 for thursday! We were going to wait and see it in GoldClass when we come back from sweden, but in what world would I be able to sit on the plane, with the film in front of me and NOT watch it? And that would make Annika sad so I booked it for thursday instead, and we're having dinner at ours before. Annika is of course cooking since neither of my parents managed to pass on a cooking-skills gene, nor taught me anything about how to make food. Thank you oh so much for that. ♤


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