The horseback riding was great! No major disasters, it all went well. Annikas horse was a proper saint, while mine was just liittle bit difficult at times, but a little challenge is always good! Think we might do it again, but bring Ella and Erin along. The countdown has once again begun! 11 weeks til we will be going home, for Good! Winter time here in Sydney isn't very eventful, there isn't a whole lot to do. I met up with Annika the other day in Paddington for lunch, she's going to Alice Springs this week with her boyfriend. So it'll be me and Fred in school tomorrow! New subject and teacher for this block! Should be interesting. Who knows what can happen. . . So stay tuned...


Winter holidays this week! It's extremely cold and there is not much to do, so Annika and I booked horse back riding for wednesday! We're doing a freerange 3 hours session, about 1 hour north of Sydney. It is going to be so good.


The trip to Sweden was amazing. Nothing much has happened in Australia since we've been gone, our new teacher in school is nice but retarded. We're looking forward to celebrating Midsommar this weekend though! And it looks like it will be raining - in true midsommar spirit!

2 days 4 hours 42 minutes 01 second

Sex and the City 2 was absolute SHIT! It was just a whole lot of WHAT... WHAT... WHY.... WHAT - when is the good stuff coming. There was NO witty banter. What the fuck.
Two more days and then we're off. My mother came up with the brilliant idea of us trying to upgrade our tickets to business class. I will slap a smile on my face and charm that person behind the desk at the airport into upgrading our tickets. I will rehearse a well thought-of dialogue before, to properly persuade this person into doing this and to improve the chances of me successfully completing this task. Can you imagine, 25 hours on a plane, in Business Class. Oh the bliss.


It's 10.59 pm and Ella NOW decides to wash her bed linen... I think this might be an attempt to get close to me... I'm going to read her a nice bedtime story since she's sleeping in my bed tonight, WITH me. I usually sleep diagonally so I don't know how this is going to work out... She can have that little space down by my feet, thats fine. They're totally clean. Yesterday Ella and I met up with Gwyn in Darling Harbour! (For those of you who don't know, this is one of the welsh people we worked with onboard Stena Line in Ireland, I hadn't seen him for about a year, and Ella hadn't seen him for like 2 years, so it was a good reunion!) We had dinner and drinks at Tokio Hotel in Darling H which was a lot of fun. It was so good to see him and we are definitely going to visit them as soon as we can in Wales! Tomorrow it's SATC 2 and dinner in Newtown with Ella, Annika and Erin and right now, at this moment only 3 Days 17 Hours 04 Minutes and 30 Seconds remain until we're going to be boarding that one plan towards Nirvana.

Almost Tuesday

Another three days in school and then we're done for this week! And then I won't have to return to Martin College for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. Thank F*** for that! I also hope the weather will decide to be shitty all this time when I'm gone, and then just suddenly turn into pure bliss when I come back. I mean, I did give a homeless man a pillow and a blanket the other day, karma so owes me. I booked Sex and the City 2 for thursday! We were going to wait and see it in GoldClass when we come back from sweden, but in what world would I be able to sit on the plane, with the film in front of me and NOT watch it? And that would make Annika sad so I booked it for thursday instead, and we're having dinner at ours before. Annika is of course cooking since neither of my parents managed to pass on a cooking-skills gene, nor taught me anything about how to make food. Thank you oh so much for that. ♤

♥ Shoes

Ellas message to Erin yesterday at 1:50 am.

O...m...g... ERIN. Im in fringe, supertipzyyy. Jaysus, attwnede the sidebarparty first ans then im here. Freds forcing me to do patrone but all I waanna do is btterscotch and baileys shots aaaah haha. Im falling down a deep hole. But I will immesrse 0800 soldier....well...iiissshhh. Cecilia just spat on the floor. Oht his is gonna be a grat lunner.

9 days 20 hours 55 minutes 40 seconds

Hello dear blog. Oh have you missed me, I know my readers have (still that one yes, NFS you know who you are). I have been gone for a while but during this time, not much worth mentioning has happened.
The official countdown for our departure to Sweden has begun since we have now passed the 10 day mark! Ella and I are so excited. We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and now it's almost here, quoting the infamous NFS; "surreal" is the closest thing to describing it. The schedule for when we're home is very intense, just what we need - a bit of non stop action. I have a feeling it is going to be a liiittle bit difficult to get back on a plane to Australia on the wednesday coming home from Brussels though... But it's gotta be done. This weekend will be a quiet one, both physical (yes the 6 pack competition is still going on and I have a feeling all I will be contributing with is a 1 and a half pack (I think I can hint just a liiittle but if "1 & a half" ab just where my headphones are) and then mental preparations are in order. I am having a little Food, Pool and Drinks sesh with Frederico tomorrow night, as I have now officially become his shrink. Thrilling ☺
Some pictures of a night out last weekend


John Mayer was ridiculously good! One of the best moments of my life, by far. I'm gonna try to go to more of his concerts, but he never comes to Europe!! Will have to catch him in USA some time! Yesterday Annika, Fred and I had a real nice lunch after school and then Fred, Ella and I were out til like 2 just playing pool and drinking gin & tonics! I beat Fred's ass properly, won 5 games out of 7! After our eleventieth drink we stopped counting the games of pool.... Our skills just went a bit downhill after that.... Tomorrow it's school again - fy fan.
4 weeks left til we're going home!! :) (Check out Ella's videos from the concert on youtube - Ellaa3)


THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME!! John Mayer concert!! We are complete idiots though since we went out yesterday resulting in a "minor" hangover.... (read Ella and I are extremely hungover from last night - dying). This is going to be bliss... Our new favourite spot is a restaurant by central (yes, millions of cars and buses and people everywhere, who gives a shit) and they have a live JAZZ band on fridays! And a killer margarita - every friday night sorted now! We have also found a store that have guitar hero and dj hero set up so you can "try" it. Frederico and I have spent a total of 4 hours there this week... Ace.


No school on fridays - thank god. Todays plans are, food shopping, having dinner at beautiful burgers later with Ella, and then watching Avatar at home! Eventful...
Soon it's only 5 weeks left til we go home, can't wait.
Yesterday Ella and I found our new hangout spot.

Anzac Day! - by Gandalf the Great

Anzac Day was such a good day, I'm going to bring it to sweden I think... Everybody goes out drinking around 12 midday and it's apparently the only day a year when this game called 2up is allowed. Ella and I met up with Erin and Paul and a bunch of their friends at the Exchange Hotel in Balmain at around 3, we were supposed to meet them in the Rocks at 11, but we failed to get up... Ella actually failed to get up since she got up in the middle of the night to fix her project for school since she had been stressing about it so much. Freak. But anyway, so we get to this pub and go straight into the room we're they're playing 2up, and its absolutely packed with people screaming and holding money up in the air. So what happens is that a person stands in the middle of the room and flips a coin, before he flips it you bet with a complete stranger on heads or tails, so people are screaming either heads or tails and holding up their money, you find someone who's betting the same amount as you and just take their money out of their hands (if your betting on tails, as tails holds the money), if you're betting on heads you just hand over your money, and then wait for the coin toss and if you bet on the right one, you've won! I started betting after like 10 minutes in the room, but only had a limited amount of cash (Thank god) and lost twice. We stayed at the pub, which was a massive place completely packed, til around 11, then we tried to flag down a taxi for about an hour. We did get home in the end! =)
Tomorrow it is the beginning of a new five week block, monday til thursday here we come. . . Only 6 weeks til Camille's graduation! Sweeet as.
hahah ella

Flying Babies

It has been 2 weeks since my last post. And during these two weeks, pretty much nothing has happened. The Shire was amazing, Cronulla was a nice place! Tomorrow it will be 7 weeks til we go home for Camille's graduation. It's a good thing to look forward to, as it does keep me from dying of boredom in this city. I like sydney, I do, but after 7 months here... I could do with something a bit more fresh and exciting. I'm loving the weather, sunny but not too warm, It's around 23 degrees every day, love it. We even made an attempt to go out last night, (since we for some reason haven't been out in ages), Annika, Ella and I - but we abandoned it at around 11 after a couple of hours at Clock Bar and then Fringe Bar. We are pathetic. Well, last week of this 5 week block now, thats always something! BUT, then a 5 week block with school monday til thursday begins - maah. We do have a Nintendo 64 now which is sweet! Together with the tv it really does feel like we're back in the early 90's playing at home, all that is missing are the colour coordinated Benetton outfits. Oh jesus, here come the flying babies. Everyday at around 4, a flock of birds, all sounding like crying babies, fly over our house. It seriously sounds like 40 babies being born at once. Now I shall go and make a cup of tea.

Good Friday

Oh yes, I have been looking forward to this friday for a long time. Yesterday I could barely sleep, it was like this day was christmas. And do you know why? Because we're making tacos tonight, and we are allowed to eat our easter "eggs", chocolate Buzz Lightyears we bought. I am beyond excited. The past week hasn't been very eventful. Maria (the swedish chic in our building) went home, which is a tragedy. Annika came home from Whitsunday with a tan, which is unfair. We lost about 5 bidding sessions on Ebay, which was kind of good. We we're bidding on PS2's even though we have one at home, we just wanted one here, but then we realised that what we needed was a Nintendo 64. And we have now been carefully monitoring our bids since the bidding goes on for SEVEN days, and now there is only 1 day and 9 hours left. We have realised that we are going to have to be ready to go apeshit on the biddings in the last 40 seconds, because that's when all the shit breaks loose. We have to be prepared. We adopted a tv from our friends, so that half of the game station is sorted. Oh our home will be so complete.
I have now officially started my (fuck sober months) Drinkingallowedbutonlywithinmoderation Month. It pretty much says it all. I think drunken Ceci has to stay at home for a while, she's not really housebroken yet, and she has been destroying Cecilias reputation as a pleasant person. So yeah - she's staying in for a while.
Camille pulled of the rawest april fools joke. She texted mother saying that she had forgot to lock the door of her room in Oxford when she had gone out, and that someone had gone in and taken her computer and a shit load of clothes and her shoes and stuff. Mother texted this to us, oblivious as me and ella were of it being april fools day, we totally bought it. And then mum texted back saying that Camille had just said "April Fools" when mum had called her up completely hysterical and beyond angry. Evil we thought. Like mother said - this was almost as good as when we made dad believe that we we're getting a dog.
On Sunday Erin has invited me and Ella to go to - wait for it wait for it - THE SHIRE. I'm not even kidding. We will be heading down in the car with Erin and Paul, and then staying the night in their house. It's going to be amazing. I think this could be a bit of a dream come true. I know one person who would be so jealous. And she's coming with me, so I'm thinking that can't count. . .
The nicest place in the world, where I'm bringing Ella today!
I know I haven't updated for a while so I would like to apologize to my fans (Nicholas FS) and just say that I will get better at updating and maybe we could have like a competition? Where you could win like.... a chance to speak to me or something? Get back to me on that, I just want to make sure you stay happy. Thank you. Love Ceci.


I am really hungry so I have decided to make food. I open our "pantry" and there is nothing there. I open the fridge but there is nothing there. I open the pantry again and I notice in the corner of the second shelf a lonely little soup can but also a bag of rice. AHA I have found my feast. I open the fridge again, but I am now looking at it in a whole new way. I notice some sauces like salad dressings, tartar sauce and taco salsa that I think will go "fine" with my rice. I also had some of Ella's old neglected stale cereal. Quite okey actually. I realize I don't know how to make rice. I look at the packet and there are the instructions! This makes me very happy. I know how to cook the soup so I start cooking the soup. It is still cooking. And my rice is being made. I only have to wait 10 more minutes. And then I can start tasting the rice with some of my sauces. I also found teriyake sauce, maybe that will be perfect with the rice. Ella also bought ketchup in to the household today, which would go perfectly with my meal - but NO, she decided to buy another brand and not Heinz. So I can't have it with my rice - I have principles. It would be against my beliefs as a human.

Mother of

To say that we went to Hugo's for "some" drinks would be the understatement of the year. We went to Hugo's for A LOT OF drinks. Like, I don't know what my problem is, but I don't stop drinking - ever. Hugo's was good on a Sunday though! We of course went to the place across the street, which was a complete shit hole, sat down by the lamest crowd of guys we could find and socialized.
I braided a psycho-rocker dudes hair.
I played pool without ever managing to hit the ball.
I analyzed people with my new found partner in crime - a chubby dude who had lived in Dublin.
I sat down on the pavement and had a very deep conversation with my chubby partner in crime.
I constantly had to find ways to avoid the psycho-rocker as I by braiding his hair gave him the impression that we were meant for eachother and that we had a deep connection.
That was my night.
Oh so proud.
I love Annikas swedish friend Madde - she was hilarious. I just finished watching The Blindside - and I loved it. Thought I would hate it. I don't know why. Going to start watching District 9. I can't move. If I do I will barf. On myself. I'm gonna go now. Have to get to Ella's room to get my USB. It will be a struggle. I do find it easier to transport myself when I shuffle - so I'm just going to do that. Btw, don't worry - there are photos. I'll get them up here when I get them from Annika. Exciting for you all to be able to put a face to the name - the now infamous psycho-rocker dude.

The week from hell has finally come to an end.

This week has been the week from hell in school. We had to finish of a shit load of assignments in the courses we finished. We were out of the school around 6 on friday, after finally finishing everything. So me, gabriela, Annika, Fred and Gustav went straight to Fringe Bar after school and celebrated! I also joined Maria at Ivy later that evening, didn't stay for long though, was completely knackered. Other than that, I haven't done Anything but watch films this weekend. I have seen, the Devil Wears Prada (for like the 28th time), Shutter Island, the Lovely Bones (amazing), The Time Travelers Wife (amazing), The Princess and the Frog (amusing), Oceans Twelve, New Moon and I started watching the Blindside. Quite a lot of films - loveeely. Now I'm off to meet Annika and her friend from sweden, Madde, who arrived yesterdays. We are going to Hugo's for some drinks! =) We don't have school on Monday or Tuesdays now for 5 weeks, thank god.

See ya in Milan (Cia & Millan)

I have, for the first time in Sydney, actually spent a day studying. The first thing I did when I woke up was to run to the park and jumped rope (haha I don't know how to make it into a verb) for an hour - the most tiring thing out of all work out types. I couldn't jump for more than like 5 minutes then I needed a break. Well - no more cigarettes again for me, ever. Like Camille's doing - bootcamp til graduation, fine it might not be my graduation but whatever, it's a goal! :) Well after my workout sesh, I got a sallad and coffee from Beautiful B and then started doing my Starbucks report thingy. I'm not quite done yet, I'll finish it off tomorrow. Then I only have 2 more reports to do AND an ad AND a presentation for friday. This week is a joke. I'm guessing I will be involved in some heavy drinking there on friday afternoon. Tomorrow is St.Patricks Day which we will be celebrating on sunday instead - some parade thing in Hyde Park. =) Btw - my new phone is legendary, I feel like I'm 10 again, I can like pimp it with themes and shit - amazing.


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