Mardi Gras is well scary. Constant claustrophobia and a new developed agoraphobia.

Ella checks her phone this morning and goes through her sent messages, this is what she apparently sent to Krull at around 1am:
"I'm sitting beside an innocent mouse and I'm as evil as a mousetrap. Now he tried to look, and I kicked him in the throat, woops. . ."
haha she has no idea what she meant,
Ella partied a bit hard yesterday
Worn out question-mark

This is Cecilia. Chapter One.

This is Cecilia
Chapter I
Written to you by Gabrielle Blomdahl
Earlier this evening I was sitting quietly on the couch, attempting to paint my nails. This is something I force myself to do once or possibly twice a month. Cecilia on the other hand, spend around 50 hours a week painting her whole hands in red, black or white nail polish. After covering her hands in toxic paint she grabs her bottle of nail polish remover along with approximately 49 cotton buds. She then starts removing all the nail polish around the nails, always managing to slip onto a nail or two and naturally...starts the whole process over again on the damaged nails.
So, there I was, minding my own business when Cecilia pirouettes into the living room singing/screaming the new "We are the World" song, for Haiti. She suddenly stops in front of me and says with a snotty, superior voice:
- Ella, you do know that you have pretty ugly nails right?
- Uhm...
- Oh and don't you know that you aren't supposed to paint the whole nail??? Yeah you shouldn't paint the sides, it makes them look longer. Look at mine!
- Ehm...
After offending my nail polish applying skills she once again belts out the "We are the World" song observing her "perfectly" painted white nails.
After about 30 minutes she re-enters the rooms, this time quietly, and says to me:
- Ella, I have to borrow something to wear for your birthday dinner tomorrow.
- Yeah, alright.
- Oh and I haven't really thought of buying anything for you yet. Like, I haven't thought about it at all.
That's nice...
OH and she made the most awkward comment tonight as well. She said:
- Recently I have been doing all the cleaning in this family!
- You and I are a FAMILY now?
- ...
- ...
Stay tuned for Chapter II

John Mayer

Oh the glory, on may 8th at 19.30 we will see John Mayer live, for the first time. Mah.

Tuesday ◆ February 23 ◆ 9.38pm

Today I received my lovely parcel that I ordered from the other week, a Marc Jacobs bikini! :) Perfect now that the australian winter should be coming.... Ella and I did go to the pool on monday though, it was seriously around 38 degrees out, which is just too warm. Now it's back to around 25 which is perfect. Friday is coming up and the celebration of Ella turning 22 on sunday shall begin, I booked the table at Fringe Bar which is going to be a lot of fun! It's just going to be Ella, me, Annika, Erin and Paul for dinner, some other people will probably show up after dinner, but we'll see! :) Oh I forgot, this is just toooo good, the other week me and Ella were going home in a taxi and pulled up at some red lights next to this funky looking pink and blue car with disco lights in it and people singing and just completely pimped out, and a huge logo on the side of it saying CABBIE-OKE. DUDE; it's amazing, the two loves of my life, not having to move a.k.a taxi, speaking constantly a.k.a singing. So I quickly decided that we HAD to book one of them for like a couple of hours, and just go around the city cabbie-oking, so I go onto their website ( to do so, and on this website there are just a load of videos of people doing the cabbie-oke which you can rate and comment on, and APPARENTLY if you do so, you are in the draw of winning a Nokia E71. So of course I find an awesome video of this geeky looking dude together with like a cool asian singing "Barbie Girl - Aqua" and I just haaaad to comment on it. So today I check my email, where I have a mail from the cabbie-oke manager person, saying that I am one of 4 people who have won a phone hahah, I died. I called them up, because I needed to give my personal details (and I'm very skeptical towards getting something for free), and I have freaking won a phone because of my comment apparently being "hilarious and excellent". I of course will not believe this until the day I have it in my hand (which will be in like 2 weeks). The most random thing ever I think. But you can't book these cabbie-okes, you just have to flag one down when you see it and they will drive you wherever for free, on one condition, you have to sing a song and wear some of their ugly props like wigs and hats etc. I am going to hunt one of these babies down.

HAHA - Just listen to this websites Jingle!! I chose this organisation for a project in school, BASED on their jingle, I'm hooked.
There's too many kitties in the cities, too many strays in the alley ways, they're on the street with nothing to eat and they've got no where to stay. There's too many kitties in the cities, none to few in the country too, they are giving birth all over it, but there's something you can do, get them neutered, get them ?????, get them to the vet to the vet to the vet.
Wouldn't you just want to adopt one of these PRECIOUS kitties?!

34 Fucking Degrees

I don't want anymore heat, I'm ready for winter, well Australian winter. I'm so tired of being warm ALL the time, I want snow, I want COLD. The only time I have experienced a certain degree of "coldness" was when I was in school and we we're all moved into room 16 which has the most brutal aircon. Every single student had bright red noses, red cheeks and teary eyes after about 10 minutes, I had to warm my hands by freaking breathing on them - very dramatic.
This is our view from our house in sweden, thank you mother for accomplishing to bring back my homesickness in one photo... 
Found some pictures Camille took of our house last year in April, I don't think I'm ever going to move away from home. . .


WHY is it 32 degrees celsius outside right now? I thought it was getting colder, so we don't have to sweat every minute of every day anymore........ Yesterday we watched 2012, the shiiiiiiiiittiest movie I've seen in a long time, it's pretty much as good as THE Final Destination (pure comedy), and The Haunting in Conneticut. Which says enough. Ella is off to the gym now, I'm NOT; I'm going to walk down to Gloria's and get a coffee, I fell in to the stairs at Fringe Bar on friday, so I now have a nice little limp going on, and I think I'm getting a cold as well, NOT fun. Wait, I think Ella is reconsidering the whole "going to the gym" and coming with me to buy breakfast. I have one little issue right now, holy mother of destruction if the people at Fringe Bar remember me, since I will be going there for Ella's birthday dinner on Friday, the probably wouldn't let me in again, should I be worried about this...? maaahaha
I have homework to do, but I'm not going to do it, because I don't want to.

♥Almost Famous♥

"I didn't invent the rainy day, I just own the best umbrella"


Sweet mother of........
Why do Ella and I never manage to go out and stay normal? This time it was my turn to go absolutely apeshit on the alcohol and get beyond shitfaced. We went to Fringe Bar after school to just have some nice after school drinks but our drinking escalated quite quickly after Ella joined us and went straight to the bar forcing me and Annika to have a Tequila Shot at 17.45. There was also a private function in the function room, which we stole wrist bands for! So yesterday we were also a part of Marks Farewell party! So sad to see Mark leave. Well I got thrown out (yes YES) at 11. And then suddenly realized that I didn't have my bag, Ella and Gustav (we were the only 3 left out of the 8 we were from the beginning) were inside somewhere and I was NOT allowed in again. So I completely panicked since I had no idea where it was, I couldn't call Ella or Gustav, I couldn't go home since I had no key or money, so I freaked out for a bit. Then after like 15 minutes of nagging on the bouncer I was allowed in ESCORTED by a tall man with an earpiece, who did not let me walk 2 meters away from him in any direction, found Ella attempting breakdancing on the dance floor together with two guys called Mick and Nick, and then saw Gustav talking to some girls, but did not find my bag. Ella also told my escorter to leave me outside and not let me in. Thank you for the sisterly love,I think she also denied being related to me when I told my "supervisor" that I needed to go talk to my sister, and she was like NO just take her outside. So I was quickly back outside again when Ella came out and just completely CRUSHED me by saying "Cecilia, I'm sorry, but your bag is gone, your NOT gonna see it again". I was close to tears and started walking away, when Gustav comes out and holds up my bag which somebody had given to the bartender. (hahaha I just told a randomer on skype, who keeps stalking me, to Fuck off and he is now calling me a pussy) We'll of course we didn't think to end the night at this point, Ella now decided we should go to Sidebar! And off we went, we go there, Ella gets us stamps, Gustav starts lying about him living at the hostel and having a key and stuff which was extremely unnecessary since there is no entrance fee or nothing but  then they actually took a look at me and Gustav and we were again NOT allowed in, so we got a new brilliant idea, Purple Sneakers on the other side of the road from our place. It was VERY interesting, the most disgusting place I've ever been to, where the entrance is in an Alley and the place is in a shed, it stinks, and there were like 90% strange guys. We stayed there for an hour or so and then we all went home to our place and passed out. (hahaah the skype stalker is now sexually harassing me). Tonight we are supposed to go to Argyle to celebrate Sofias birthday, but I thing I can't manage another night out, I might change my mind in a couple of hours. . . HEEEEY NIIIICK!
Marks Farewell's PURPLE wristband, great choice of colour, also so perfect for trying to use at Purple Sneakers, which of course did not work. 
Oh the love for Chocolate Milk when hungover ♥


Ella and I just finished of a major ant massacre in the kitchen. I don't know why they have decided to overtake our sink as their fort, but they have now all succumb to our rage and all lie on the counter as proof of the justice that was served in the kitchen at Regent Street 54 at around 11.45pm on this silent Wednesday evening.
I did some more internet shopping, well imaginary internet shopping, this time I completely lost track of myself and went in to the dream land of Marc Jacobs.


boredom |ˈbôrdəm|nounthe state of feeling bored : the boredom of afternoon duty could be relieved by friendly conversation. Yes. It could. But when there is no friendly conversation available there is the INTERNET (and Sex and the City Season 6)! I want to shop but I have no money, so I went imaginary shopping (so gay, I know), this is what I bought.

Riverdancing is the only dancing for Frida Engström

Another day in school, since Ella and I have managed to use about 100 Gb this month and don't have any internet left now, I have to update my blogg from here (which is of the utmost importance now that I have one dedicated reader, thank you Alexander Fjellberg Swerdlowe). Annika just left me alone here, she is going to meet up with Luca who might be going home to Italy this week, so I am left without my partner in crime, Muzaffar will have to step in as her replacement, I think he might be up for the task. The weekend was good, didn't go to the brazilian fiesta on the sunday though, had dinner with Maria instead! Ikea was beyond good, I always feel a bit like the queen when walking into an Ikea store out of sweden, like HAH I can pronounce every item in here like it should be pronounced, you can't. Annika and I just felt a little bit better than everyone else, because IKEA IS SWEDISH. Love it. Ella just gave some nice information on what happened in our apartment in the middle of the night, apparently our Ipod stereo (who has it's own life) blasted out Kings of Leon in the middle of the night on maximum volume, Ella thought it was in her dream and slept through it for about 30 minutes, and then realised what was going on and turned it off. It's interesting how I did not wake up, since it's like 1 meter outside my room, and my door was well open, I think I might have become immune to noise when I sleep, thanks to the 12 train tracks outside my bedroom. JOHN MAYER is playing here in Sydney on May, heeeeell freaking yea, Ella is going to buy the tickets as soon as they are released, and then Vampire Weekend will be playing in march, oh so sweet! Finally some gigs to attend, and Camille, Whitney Houston will be here aswell, I would have gone with you if you came over. You know I would have. Next weekend is Ellas birthday which she seems to not want to celebrate (I'm thinking age crisis) but this weekend we are probably going to take it easy. Friday we are doing afterschool drinks at Fringe Bar, their Happy Hour is glorious, and if Luca is going back to Italy I think I might have to buy a bottle of tequila and 20 limes and go to Annikas house on saturday, help her numb the pain. I will soon write a more interesting update, when I have something interesting to say. It shall come. Oh, have to go back to class. We are doing something about Budgets, but the teacher is from.... some other country, so he can't say budget, he makes this buzzzzing sound when he says it, like Buzzzzchets, Annika and I figured out that he was trying to say budgets after about 1 1/2 hours into the class. Oh ye one more thing, HI ALEEEEX! (notorious director of the 1990's generation, he's like 12 or something) (L)



Why am I awake? It's 8.07 am, I was out last night, Why am I awake?! I think it might be my excitement about going to IKEA in a couple of hours. Yesterday was a random night, I actually decided that this was going to be a quiet weekend, but no, that didn't start off too well. I met up with Maria, the swedish girl who moved into our building not too long ago, met her other swedish friend Anna living with Maria, and they dragged me along to Ravesi's in Bondi, where we met more swedish people! =) haha Then at like 1 me and Anna just went home. It was a good night! Today it is off to IKEA to eat meatballs, buy some swedish food and I think I'm gonna buy something else as well, like I just want to buy something, like a cup.... or... just something. I just got my loan from CSN, OH the glory. Poverty no more. Work? Hell no. Travel? Hell yeah. I have my year sorted now, til I come home and have to pay it all back.... äsch, I'm happy now. And then I am going to meet up with Gabriella (the Brazilian girl) to go to Argyle in the Rocks for a bit and meet up with some Aussie dudes she met the other day, and then on sunday I will NOT be "celebrating" Valentines Day, I will be on a Brazilian Fiesta celebrating something Brazilian in Darling Harbour! :) My weekend is sorted! Oh god, I seriously have to try to sleep now. Ciao.
Photos from our three hour walk on tuesday, Apparently all roads lead to Cecilia street!

Oh no

Seriously, I have to pee, and I have 1 hour and 28 minutes left to sit here. . . And my feet are really cold, I am like sitting straight in line with the aircon, which is on 22 degrees. . . Not a chance in hell that I will forfeit this game of power. I think I'm gonna suggest to settle this power issue with a brief wrestling match, we all know I could throw Ella down in like 20 seconds, she might not go for it, even she knows how short she is.... SHIT, my ass is starting to fall asleep, 1 hour and 23 minutes left.

Barf and the Power Struggle

How great is it that I want to barf when I look at my dinner from last night. Annika was sick today, so no pool for us (I will not go there on my own, with kids all over the place, no-one to complain to... not happening) Rooftop to the rescue (!) so I spent the day there instead. I love the way I, for some reason, got the impression that the rooftop is only being used by me, like I'm laying there tanning my extremely white ass (I seriously exposed my ass by slightly rearranging my bikini bottom) and of course I wake up by someone standing over me saying, "oh Hello". What an impression to make on the rest of the apartment tenants. I seriously have nothing to do when Annika is sick. I was going to go and give her a tea, but realised that she would probably infect me with her germs, sorry Annika. AND I am going to have to be alone in school tomorrow.......................................................... with only indian, korean, japanese, chinese and one french person in my class..................................................... yea I think you get it. My ipod and phone are going to be permanently attached to my face and hands. I can't go out this weekend either, have 140 dollars to survive on til the end of this month, will be interesting. Annika and I are going to IKEA on saturday though, OH THE EXCITEMENT!! Meatballs, unnecessary furniture which you buy just so you can have the joy of assembling them, chinese people everywhere, the 1 dollar hot-dog, oh jesus, I'm not going to be able to contain myself for much longer. Now I will go to the rooftop for some fresh air, finish my glorious Ice Mocha-Latte from Gloria (I removed myself from my bed, walked all the way down to glorias just to have it, I think u can figure out just HOW good it is by that) and then figure out my game plan for tomorrow, make a lunch date (I'm thinking of asking the really awesome short 16 year old chubby chinese boy from class, he's a legend), since mother annika has decided to go ill on me, so.... Oh no, new plans, the rooftop will have to wait. I am currently guarding my washing in the washing machine (I'm literally sitting on the floor leaning on the washing machine), since Ella is being a misfit and turning it off everytime I leave it unattended just because she couldn't do her washing before mine, it is quite hard to deal with her mental disturbances sometimes but who cares, when she's normal she's hilarious. So I have 1 hour and 32 minutes left to sit here... This will be GREAT.......


50 minutes of school today, completely unnecessary but at least we got to know that we have tomorrow off aswell! Spent the day on our rooftop with Annika and Ella, it's been 30 degress and sunny all day, so it was a perfect day to lay out. Tomorrow we're going to Victoria Park's pool all day. Annika is a bit sick though so I might have to drag her out of her room, but I shall do it gently... I got the weirdest cravings today after 1 our of step and 1 hour of Pilates at the gym, so I went to Coles (supermarket mayhem) and I bought Avocado, Fruit, Kiwi and Mushrooms.
We had some boiled carrots at home which I added to this great meal, It was disgusting.
Ella had a freakin feast since she had enough money to go mental in Coles and buy all sorts of shit. After like 4 wraps she finished it of with the most brutal fruit sallad. Complete Jealousy.


In the supermarket in Chippendale like an hour ago:
Me: "Hi just this please", I slide my milk over to him to scan, he is just about to scan it when he looks at me from head to toe and says:
"Is it raining outside?"
"No, I just came from the Gym"
"Oh...." complete awkward silence while i pay for my milk.
hahahahah FAIL


It's sunday and we are spending it like we always do, watching countless episodes of the Rachel Zoe project, eating junk food and trying to cure a heavy hangover... Yesterday was well good, started at Erins around 5pm with drinks and food, and then we headed to Fringe Bar at around 11. Ella got insanely drunk which I found wildly amusing, I was watching her the whole night, which is like the first half hour at Fringe Bar because after that she disappeared with a mystery man, she has totally become the new me, well she's become the old me. At the moment it's raining, I've realised we have school tomorrow and our apartment is a complete shit hole... I have to go apeshit on this place and fix it up pronto. Me not love. Dinner at Giselle's on friday was amazing, I devoured so much Brigadeiro and promised myself it will be the first thing I'm going to teach myself how to cook. Gotta go, time is of the essence. By the way mother, for the first time in my 20 years on this earth I am actually experiencing a little homesickness! Who would have thought....
My beloved shoes. I was in so much pain at around 1 - like I died after 8 hours in them.


Only one week left of this 5 week school period, so all current classes end next week! Oh so sweet. Off to dinner at Gisele's house now! Annika is with Luca since he is leaving to go fruit picking tomorrow, and Ella is staying in. Tomorrow it's Boxing time at 12.00, a 1 1/2 hour session which is going to kill us, then BBQ and drinks at Erins and then Fringe bar, very exciting! Complete outfit crisis going on though, hating the closet at the moment, I want/need to go shopping, but I barely have money for food right now so....

It's time to dance like no one's watching.

Quick little update in my "very" eventful life... School is like it always is, maybe a little bit more intense, which means we ACTUALLY have to hand in a thing or to like once a week. Oh so challenging.... Last weekend me and Annika went out on friday, right after school we went down to Darling Harbour, stayed there for a good couple of hours, and then we were off to a gay club on Oxford Street! It was a mad night, and a good one! On Saturday we are celebrating Erins birthday at her place, BBQ and drinks from 3pm and then to Fringe Bar! :) I guess I will be doing what I always do, dance like no one's watching, which I can tell you is NOT a good thing... Oh shit ye, my freakin card got "skimmed" as we say in swedish, some fuckin moron copied it, my bank did manage to cancel it before any money was taken out. But still, I am now without a credit card. Mother is sending me a new one soon though. Get a move on with that please, I feel a tad crippled without it. I will återkomma with an update snart. Im starving, getting dinner now, CEREAL, like I always have. Poverty Struck.
I got a bit freaked out by living in a mental asylum inspired room so I fixed up my wall a bit. Oh so proud.

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