Barf and the Power Struggle

How great is it that I want to barf when I look at my dinner from last night. Annika was sick today, so no pool for us (I will not go there on my own, with kids all over the place, no-one to complain to... not happening) Rooftop to the rescue (!) so I spent the day there instead. I love the way I, for some reason, got the impression that the rooftop is only being used by me, like I'm laying there tanning my extremely white ass (I seriously exposed my ass by slightly rearranging my bikini bottom) and of course I wake up by someone standing over me saying, "oh Hello". What an impression to make on the rest of the apartment tenants. I seriously have nothing to do when Annika is sick. I was going to go and give her a tea, but realised that she would probably infect me with her germs, sorry Annika. AND I am going to have to be alone in school tomorrow.......................................................... with only indian, korean, japanese, chinese and one french person in my class..................................................... yea I think you get it. My ipod and phone are going to be permanently attached to my face and hands. I can't go out this weekend either, have 140 dollars to survive on til the end of this month, will be interesting. Annika and I are going to IKEA on saturday though, OH THE EXCITEMENT!! Meatballs, unnecessary furniture which you buy just so you can have the joy of assembling them, chinese people everywhere, the 1 dollar hot-dog, oh jesus, I'm not going to be able to contain myself for much longer. Now I will go to the rooftop for some fresh air, finish my glorious Ice Mocha-Latte from Gloria (I removed myself from my bed, walked all the way down to glorias just to have it, I think u can figure out just HOW good it is by that) and then figure out my game plan for tomorrow, make a lunch date (I'm thinking of asking the really awesome short 16 year old chubby chinese boy from class, he's a legend), since mother annika has decided to go ill on me, so.... Oh no, new plans, the rooftop will have to wait. I am currently guarding my washing in the washing machine (I'm literally sitting on the floor leaning on the washing machine), since Ella is being a misfit and turning it off everytime I leave it unattended just because she couldn't do her washing before mine, it is quite hard to deal with her mental disturbances sometimes but who cares, when she's normal she's hilarious. So I have 1 hour and 32 minutes left to sit here... This will be GREAT.......

Postat av: child

stackelistackarn. vi verkar ha lika kul OCH lika mycket energi idag. Fast du vinner eftersom du har sol.... vi har typ... en gles solstråle.

Jag har inte fått jobb på tre dagar, så jag har suttit KLISTRAD vid Kinkvars bur och pratat med henne.. o karin vill typ mörda mig. (fast det har lett till framgångar! nu hoppar hon till mitt finger frivilligt hahhahaha). kul.

gillar att annika har blivit din mamma :) NU HAR VI ALLA MAMMOR. ja.

Miss joooooow. burn your ass for me

2010-02-11 @ 11:18:13

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