Mardi Gras is well scary. Constant claustrophobia and a new developed agoraphobia.

Ella checks her phone this morning and goes through her sent messages, this is what she apparently sent to Krull at around 1am:
"I'm sitting beside an innocent mouse and I'm as evil as a mousetrap. Now he tried to look, and I kicked him in the throat, woops. . ."
haha she has no idea what she meant,
Ella partied a bit hard yesterday
Worn out question-mark

Postat av: ann

snygga naglar Cia..

2010-03-02 @ 19:30:42
Postat av: emelie

hahahahha hej ella

2010-03-03 @ 23:16:18
Postat av: millis

ella är sexig i bakgrunden

2010-03-09 @ 14:22:02

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