Riverdancing is the only dancing for Frida Engström

Another day in school, since Ella and I have managed to use about 100 Gb this month and don't have any internet left now, I have to update my blogg from here (which is of the utmost importance now that I have one dedicated reader, thank you Alexander Fjellberg Swerdlowe). Annika just left me alone here, she is going to meet up with Luca who might be going home to Italy this week, so I am left without my partner in crime, Muzaffar will have to step in as her replacement, I think he might be up for the task. The weekend was good, didn't go to the brazilian fiesta on the sunday though, had dinner with Maria instead! Ikea was beyond good, I always feel a bit like the queen when walking into an Ikea store out of sweden, like HAH I can pronounce every item in here like it should be pronounced, you can't. Annika and I just felt a little bit better than everyone else, because IKEA IS SWEDISH. Love it. Ella just gave some nice information on what happened in our apartment in the middle of the night, apparently our Ipod stereo (who has it's own life) blasted out Kings of Leon in the middle of the night on maximum volume, Ella thought it was in her dream and slept through it for about 30 minutes, and then realised what was going on and turned it off. It's interesting how I did not wake up, since it's like 1 meter outside my room, and my door was well open, I think I might have become immune to noise when I sleep, thanks to the 12 train tracks outside my bedroom. JOHN MAYER is playing here in Sydney on May, heeeeell freaking yea, Ella is going to buy the tickets as soon as they are released, and then Vampire Weekend will be playing in march, oh so sweet! Finally some gigs to attend, and Camille, Whitney Houston will be here aswell, I would have gone with you if you came over. You know I would have. Next weekend is Ellas birthday which she seems to not want to celebrate (I'm thinking age crisis) but this weekend we are probably going to take it easy. Friday we are doing afterschool drinks at Fringe Bar, their Happy Hour is glorious, and if Luca is going back to Italy I think I might have to buy a bottle of tequila and 20 limes and go to Annikas house on saturday, help her numb the pain. I will soon write a more interesting update, when I have something interesting to say. It shall come. Oh, have to go back to class. We are doing something about Budgets, but the teacher is from.... some other country, so he can't say budget, he makes this buzzzzing sound when he says it, like Buzzzzchets, Annika and I figured out that he was trying to say budgets after about 1 1/2 hours into the class. Oh ye one more thing, HI ALEEEEX! (notorious director of the 1990's generation, he's like 12 or something) (L)



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