It's sunday and we are spending it like we always do, watching countless episodes of the Rachel Zoe project, eating junk food and trying to cure a heavy hangover... Yesterday was well good, started at Erins around 5pm with drinks and food, and then we headed to Fringe Bar at around 11. Ella got insanely drunk which I found wildly amusing, I was watching her the whole night, which is like the first half hour at Fringe Bar because after that she disappeared with a mystery man, she has totally become the new me, well she's become the old me. At the moment it's raining, I've realised we have school tomorrow and our apartment is a complete shit hole... I have to go apeshit on this place and fix it up pronto. Me not love. Dinner at Giselle's on friday was amazing, I devoured so much Brigadeiro and promised myself it will be the first thing I'm going to teach myself how to cook. Gotta go, time is of the essence. By the way mother, for the first time in my 20 years on this earth I am actually experiencing a little homesickness! Who would have thought....
My beloved shoes. I was in so much pain at around 1 - like I died after 8 hours in them.

Postat av: child

deeet är bare att komme hem! jag ska ta hand om dig

2010-02-10 @ 15:59:07
Postat av: M A M M A !!!!

vilken morsa vänder du till egentligen? vill bara veta.. liksom...:-)

2010-02-10 @ 18:38:14

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