50 minutes of school today, completely unnecessary but at least we got to know that we have tomorrow off aswell! Spent the day on our rooftop with Annika and Ella, it's been 30 degress and sunny all day, so it was a perfect day to lay out. Tomorrow we're going to Victoria Park's pool all day. Annika is a bit sick though so I might have to drag her out of her room, but I shall do it gently... I got the weirdest cravings today after 1 our of step and 1 hour of Pilates at the gym, so I went to Coles (supermarket mayhem) and I bought Avocado, Fruit, Kiwi and Mushrooms.
We had some boiled carrots at home which I added to this great meal, It was disgusting.
Ella had a freakin feast since she had enough money to go mental in Coles and buy all sorts of shit. After like 4 wraps she finished it of with the most brutal fruit sallad. Complete Jealousy.

Postat av: M A M M A !!!!


2010-02-10 @ 18:33:31

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