Sweet mother of........
Why do Ella and I never manage to go out and stay normal? This time it was my turn to go absolutely apeshit on the alcohol and get beyond shitfaced. We went to Fringe Bar after school to just have some nice after school drinks but our drinking escalated quite quickly after Ella joined us and went straight to the bar forcing me and Annika to have a Tequila Shot at 17.45. There was also a private function in the function room, which we stole wrist bands for! So yesterday we were also a part of Marks Farewell party! So sad to see Mark leave. Well I got thrown out (yes YES) at 11. And then suddenly realized that I didn't have my bag, Ella and Gustav (we were the only 3 left out of the 8 we were from the beginning) were inside somewhere and I was NOT allowed in again. So I completely panicked since I had no idea where it was, I couldn't call Ella or Gustav, I couldn't go home since I had no key or money, so I freaked out for a bit. Then after like 15 minutes of nagging on the bouncer I was allowed in ESCORTED by a tall man with an earpiece, who did not let me walk 2 meters away from him in any direction, found Ella attempting breakdancing on the dance floor together with two guys called Mick and Nick, and then saw Gustav talking to some girls, but did not find my bag. Ella also told my escorter to leave me outside and not let me in. Thank you for the sisterly love,I think she also denied being related to me when I told my "supervisor" that I needed to go talk to my sister, and she was like NO just take her outside. So I was quickly back outside again when Ella came out and just completely CRUSHED me by saying "Cecilia, I'm sorry, but your bag is gone, your NOT gonna see it again". I was close to tears and started walking away, when Gustav comes out and holds up my bag which somebody had given to the bartender. (hahaha I just told a randomer on skype, who keeps stalking me, to Fuck off and he is now calling me a pussy) We'll of course we didn't think to end the night at this point, Ella now decided we should go to Sidebar! And off we went, we go there, Ella gets us stamps, Gustav starts lying about him living at the hostel and having a key and stuff which was extremely unnecessary since there is no entrance fee or nothing but  then they actually took a look at me and Gustav and we were again NOT allowed in, so we got a new brilliant idea, Purple Sneakers on the other side of the road from our place. It was VERY interesting, the most disgusting place I've ever been to, where the entrance is in an Alley and the place is in a shed, it stinks, and there were like 90% strange guys. We stayed there for an hour or so and then we all went home to our place and passed out. (hahaah the skype stalker is now sexually harassing me). Tonight we are supposed to go to Argyle to celebrate Sofias birthday, but I thing I can't manage another night out, I might change my mind in a couple of hours. . . HEEEEY NIIIICK!
Marks Farewell's PURPLE wristband, great choice of colour, also so perfect for trying to use at Purple Sneakers, which of course did not work. 
Oh the love for Chocolate Milk when hungover ♥

Postat av: Child

HAHAHA. jag fick en slags nostalgikänsla här.... NYÅR på irland?! men du o jag är typ lika duktiga ändå. Du tappar alltid väskan, och jag tappar alltid plånboken. Så det gör inget.

ikväll ska jag gå bananas på personalfest WOOOHOOO. australia vs hovås. EXCITING?!?!?!?

2010-02-20 @ 10:36:40
Postat av: M A M M A !!!!

Njae... jag tror nog inte att jag introducerar G till denna blogg.... hahahihihehe.... den är väääldigt rolig. Men som mor blir man lite typ orolig?.. Ha!

2010-02-20 @ 11:01:21

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