A newly shaved globetrotter on the way to a shrimp gormandize

Ella and I have this thing about, when we're hungover, we move around the whole apartment having little kips. I woke up in my bed, Ella came in and slept in my bed, Ella moved out to the sofa, Ella moved into her room, I moved out to sleep on the sofa, then joined Ella in her room, Ella went out to sleep on the sofa again and I am now currently lying on our carpet beside the sofa table. I just encouraged Ella to go and throw up, which she did, she threw up 3 pieces of cereal and now feels so much better. I'm proud. She is a bit disappointed that she has lost her ability to blow chunks like a real man, but I think I'll give her a tutorial some day. Yesterday we started drinking at Annikas place at around 7, then moved onto Rose Bar, and then SIDEBAR! I don't know what got into us, but I think we had fun... It's always quite amusing when we wake up and start discussing the night before, because Ella seriously name drops like 15 people we have met, but I NEVER have a clue who she's talking about, and I'm loving the way Ella has a text message from Annika at around 2 saying "hey, where are you?!?! I'm alone!!", and Ella is also alone at the time, WHERE AM I?!
At the moment it is 29 degrees, quite sunny and Australia Day. What the fuck are Ella and I doing inside our dark little dome (Ella just said "I love the way we have discovered that you can boil carrots" like real proud). I'll actually tell you what we're doing, we're recovering. We're supposed to meet up with Erin for a little day session at the Golden Sheaf in Double Bay. This day will be a battle I can tell you. A battle that I shall win. Btw, I got the drunk munchies last night, pretty bad, we're talking 2 big mac meals with nuggets (12% chicken of course) style. How I hoovered that shit down in a completely pissed state, remains a mystery. Complete and utter gluttony.
Ella just made me breakfast, seriously, this is what i get.

the age of the understatement

What a glorious day. When walking to school this morning, me and Annika realised that it would be an absolute crime to not spend a day as nice as this one on the beach. So we pursued our hearts desire and skipped a class for the first time in our history at Martin College, it was groundbreaking. So we wandered into school (it was all very exciting since we had to make sure we weren't seen, I've never felt so much like a kick ass spy in my whole life, you should try it, it was divine) at around 11 and got what we needed to do our work at home, and then headed straight to Bondi! Gabbi and Fred (our brazilian friends) joined us at around 1, and we just spent the whole day laying out and tumbling around, scraping against the "sea bed" trying to swim in like 3 m waves. Glorious. The sun is brutal, I actually didn't get burned at all (those of you who know me probably find this very hard to believe), but my black nail polish melted, no joke, I'm repainting it as we speak. The weekend that just passed we spent at the Sydney Festival of course! We went to Beck's festival both nights and a couple of other random places, very eventful. What else..... well this week me and Ella have had our asses kicked at the gym, in classes like "Ab & Butt attack" (you kidding me, the name says it all), Boxing, Step and Pilates. I've gone a bit overboard with the whole training thing. But if I workout I can eat more. I like to eat. Especially more. Win Win. I feel like I'm writing to cyber space here, I know Tor is reading, and maybe Frida, not my mother.... maybe Annika.... well HI! ☀
Another lovely pastime project in class. It's for you my child. Your welcome Frida. ♡

Esbjörn Blomdahl

I have now officially decided what my new name will be. All the asians in our school (which is everyone but me and Annika) have this thing about choosing an english name, like to replace their real name when in a non asian environment, they clearly think we can't handle it, seriously god knows why but whatever. I actually found this out on my own as well, you see Asians choose name and tell, e.g "Hi my name is Jihoon but my english name is Brian", "Hi I'm Lam but my nickname is Ruby". But how am I supposed to know which name to use? and like, their names aren't even that difficult to pronounce. It's totally dysfunctional/confusing/entertaining but I'm just gonna roll with it. So from now on people, you can call me Esbjörn Cecilia Blomdahl. It was a very tough decision to make, since there are so many great swedish names, for example:
♦Ritva ♦Erhard ♦Torborg
♦Reidun ♦Tiburtius ♦Ansgar
♦Lage ♦Volmar ♦Hervor,
♦Borghild ♦Gudmar ♦Beda etc,
but I think Esbjörn is very much the essence of me. I'm gonna try it out at school tomorrow and see how it goes, I'm very excited, I think it will be very successful. I of course made Annika choose one as well and her wise choice was Tiburtius, I don't really approve as I see her more as a Torborg, it just feels more right for her. I'll make her change tomorrow.
This is What I Did In School Today. I feel like I'm 12. Bible.

Sydney Zestival

And the festivities have begun! Yesterday was Festival First Night, what a glorious night. Didn't really spend a lot of time at the festival, but the vibe was very festive indeed. Met up with Ella who was with Erin, Paul and a LA friend, Annika totally dissed me to be with her man, bitch, but what can you do. We spent a good couple of hours at the bar tent enjoying many refreshing beverages amongst total randomers and with the deafening sound of drums, love it. Woke up this morning, not feeling too great. Ella started telling me her story of last night, I went to meet up with Annika at around 10, and Ella went out with the LA dude Jeremiah. Apparently since he was wearing flip flops (oh sorry thoooongs) he wasn't let in to any clubs, so Ella thought it would be a great idea to ask people to lend their shoes to J. People we're of course very hesitant to this idea, but Ella made sure she would return the shoes very promptly by putting down a deposit of like 10 dollars to these people. And believe it or not, people actually lent her their shoes. So she spent most of her time, sneaking J into clubs, and running up and down with shoes to people. Not only did she do this, but she also went to go and buy drinks with his card at the bar on the 1 floor of this club, but being as drunk as she was, she completely sidetracked and started buying tequila shots to bartenders, which I'm thinking J's gonna love to notice when checking the radical change in his account balance.... Tomorrow school starts again - murder me. BTW, my Ipod heard my prayers and freaking came back to life. Amazing. Bible.


Dear My Baby. Im writing this with great sorrow. Today, a great soul has been taken away from us here on earth. A life that was too great to be lost, will now never be found again. Since the day of your birth, 6 months have passed and to this day you have been by my side through thick and thin. You have been the perfect partner in crime on all my endeavors, and you have filled my life with much joy. The saying "the best music is silence" is not true, and you have proved that well too me. I think life up in gadget heaven will be glorious, but the question of why you committed suicide, in such troubled times, is still a mystery too me. Did I do this to you? Okey, no we all know that could NOT be the case... Did you not approve of my choices in music? Okey, again could still NOT be the case... So.... I am left wondering about this grave technical malfunction going on inside your lustrous body. I hope you find peace somewhere else, since it evidently was not found when in my possession. I wish you the best of luck. And if you wish to come back from the dead, please do so as soon as possible since Im left here with your brother Ipod Nano and he doesn't like me very much.
RIP Ipod Touch Second Generation, Also know as "My Baby". May you rest in peace.

Beginning of a new decade

Nu snart är lovet över, idag och imorgon kvar att leva slappt och careless. Ska bli intressant att gå tillbaka till skolan igen må jag säga. Dom har ju gjort om hela skolans upplägg på studierna, så vi får se om detta är till det bättre eller inte! Jul och nyår har varit sjukt kul! Hela familjen blev reunited den 21e då mamma, pappa och millan flög hit! Dom planerade aktiviteterna var, Blue Mountains & Hunter Valley i några dagar, passade sjukt bra med lite rehabilitering innan nyår. Allt vi gjorde var att spela scrabble, dricka té och bränna runt i bilen och titta på saker! Satt fint. Julafton blev väldigt speciell i år, först var vi på Opera Bar, precis vid Opera huset, där vi käkade lite och tog några drinkar. Sen gick vi till Argyle i The rocks och tog några drinkar där, och sen åkte vi till Annika i Chippendale, där hon och grabbarna i hennes hus hade ordnat en bbq! Det blev en rolig kväll! Nyår firade vi på Bungalow 8 nere i Darling Harbour, Sandy Rivera, Chuck Love och Tara McDonald var kvällens line up, och det var SJUKT bra! Fick även hetsat en hel del på Sandy Rivera, vilket han kanske inte uppskattade lika mycket som jag gjorde.... meeen det var det värt. Annika var i Bondi tillsammans med hennes grabb Luca, the italian man, vilket hon sa var mysigt! Synd att hon inte kunde fira in det nya året med oss bara! Föräldrarna och den lille åkte till Byron Bay i förrigår, utan mig och Ella, så vi spenderade lördagen med att spela poker. Jag och Annika köpte ett brutalt Poker Kit på Kmart och en flaska gin! Jag, Ella, Samhy, Annika och Marcus började spela klockan 9pm, och slutade fan inte förrens 6am, då enbart Annika och Marcus fortfarande var in the game, och det slutade med att Marcus tog hem det! Intensiv runda, men väldigt rolig! Snart börjar Sydney Festival också, vilket ska bli kul att gå på. Lite gratis underhållning i Sydneys parker skadar ju aldrig! Nu är det dags för ett lite sundare liv, så nu bär det av till gymmet!
Hoppas ni har haft en bra jul och nyår där hemma! ♥
Sandy Rivera!

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