A newly shaved globetrotter on the way to a shrimp gormandize

Ella and I have this thing about, when we're hungover, we move around the whole apartment having little kips. I woke up in my bed, Ella came in and slept in my bed, Ella moved out to the sofa, Ella moved into her room, I moved out to sleep on the sofa, then joined Ella in her room, Ella went out to sleep on the sofa again and I am now currently lying on our carpet beside the sofa table. I just encouraged Ella to go and throw up, which she did, she threw up 3 pieces of cereal and now feels so much better. I'm proud. She is a bit disappointed that she has lost her ability to blow chunks like a real man, but I think I'll give her a tutorial some day. Yesterday we started drinking at Annikas place at around 7, then moved onto Rose Bar, and then SIDEBAR! I don't know what got into us, but I think we had fun... It's always quite amusing when we wake up and start discussing the night before, because Ella seriously name drops like 15 people we have met, but I NEVER have a clue who she's talking about, and I'm loving the way Ella has a text message from Annika at around 2 saying "hey, where are you?!?! I'm alone!!", and Ella is also alone at the time, WHERE AM I?!
At the moment it is 29 degrees, quite sunny and Australia Day. What the fuck are Ella and I doing inside our dark little dome (Ella just said "I love the way we have discovered that you can boil carrots" like real proud). I'll actually tell you what we're doing, we're recovering. We're supposed to meet up with Erin for a little day session at the Golden Sheaf in Double Bay. This day will be a battle I can tell you. A battle that I shall win. Btw, I got the drunk munchies last night, pretty bad, we're talking 2 big mac meals with nuggets (12% chicken of course) style. How I hoovered that shit down in a completely pissed state, remains a mystery. Complete and utter gluttony.
Ella just made me breakfast, seriously, this is what i get.

Postat av: M A M M A !!!!

Hmmmmmmmm - hälsostilen verkar totalt bortblåst.... förutom när det gäller maten då kanske...

2010-01-26 @ 17:09:26

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