the age of the understatement

What a glorious day. When walking to school this morning, me and Annika realised that it would be an absolute crime to not spend a day as nice as this one on the beach. So we pursued our hearts desire and skipped a class for the first time in our history at Martin College, it was groundbreaking. So we wandered into school (it was all very exciting since we had to make sure we weren't seen, I've never felt so much like a kick ass spy in my whole life, you should try it, it was divine) at around 11 and got what we needed to do our work at home, and then headed straight to Bondi! Gabbi and Fred (our brazilian friends) joined us at around 1, and we just spent the whole day laying out and tumbling around, scraping against the "sea bed" trying to swim in like 3 m waves. Glorious. The sun is brutal, I actually didn't get burned at all (those of you who know me probably find this very hard to believe), but my black nail polish melted, no joke, I'm repainting it as we speak. The weekend that just passed we spent at the Sydney Festival of course! We went to Beck's festival both nights and a couple of other random places, very eventful. What else..... well this week me and Ella have had our asses kicked at the gym, in classes like "Ab & Butt attack" (you kidding me, the name says it all), Boxing, Step and Pilates. I've gone a bit overboard with the whole training thing. But if I workout I can eat more. I like to eat. Especially more. Win Win. I feel like I'm writing to cyber space here, I know Tor is reading, and maybe Frida, not my mother.... maybe Annika.... well HI! ☀
Another lovely pastime project in class. It's for you my child. Your welcome Frida. ♡

Postat av: child

hahhaha. ÅÅÅH. ett message till mig! det är ju fantastiskt :) TA VARA PÅ SOLEN MOTHER! BRÄNNS FÖR MIN SKULL. fyyyy va jag vill va brun.

Jag hoppas verkligen att du kommer till brüzzel i juni, då kanske jag har hunnit sola ikapp dig iof... KANSKE.


saknis! <333333

2010-01-22 @ 20:23:59

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