I am really hungry so I have decided to make food. I open our "pantry" and there is nothing there. I open the fridge but there is nothing there. I open the pantry again and I notice in the corner of the second shelf a lonely little soup can but also a bag of rice. AHA I have found my feast. I open the fridge again, but I am now looking at it in a whole new way. I notice some sauces like salad dressings, tartar sauce and taco salsa that I think will go "fine" with my rice. I also had some of Ella's old neglected stale cereal. Quite okey actually. I realize I don't know how to make rice. I look at the packet and there are the instructions! This makes me very happy. I know how to cook the soup so I start cooking the soup. It is still cooking. And my rice is being made. I only have to wait 10 more minutes. And then I can start tasting the rice with some of my sauces. I also found teriyake sauce, maybe that will be perfect with the rice. Ella also bought ketchup in to the household today, which would go perfectly with my meal - but NO, she decided to buy another brand and not Heinz. So I can't have it with my rice - I have principles. It would be against my beliefs as a human.

Mother of

To say that we went to Hugo's for "some" drinks would be the understatement of the year. We went to Hugo's for A LOT OF drinks. Like, I don't know what my problem is, but I don't stop drinking - ever. Hugo's was good on a Sunday though! We of course went to the place across the street, which was a complete shit hole, sat down by the lamest crowd of guys we could find and socialized.
I braided a psycho-rocker dudes hair.
I played pool without ever managing to hit the ball.
I analyzed people with my new found partner in crime - a chubby dude who had lived in Dublin.
I sat down on the pavement and had a very deep conversation with my chubby partner in crime.
I constantly had to find ways to avoid the psycho-rocker as I by braiding his hair gave him the impression that we were meant for eachother and that we had a deep connection.
That was my night.
Oh so proud.
I love Annikas swedish friend Madde - she was hilarious. I just finished watching The Blindside - and I loved it. Thought I would hate it. I don't know why. Going to start watching District 9. I can't move. If I do I will barf. On myself. I'm gonna go now. Have to get to Ella's room to get my USB. It will be a struggle. I do find it easier to transport myself when I shuffle - so I'm just going to do that. Btw, don't worry - there are photos. I'll get them up here when I get them from Annika. Exciting for you all to be able to put a face to the name - the now infamous psycho-rocker dude.

The week from hell has finally come to an end.

This week has been the week from hell in school. We had to finish of a shit load of assignments in the courses we finished. We were out of the school around 6 on friday, after finally finishing everything. So me, gabriela, Annika, Fred and Gustav went straight to Fringe Bar after school and celebrated! I also joined Maria at Ivy later that evening, didn't stay for long though, was completely knackered. Other than that, I haven't done Anything but watch films this weekend. I have seen, the Devil Wears Prada (for like the 28th time), Shutter Island, the Lovely Bones (amazing), The Time Travelers Wife (amazing), The Princess and the Frog (amusing), Oceans Twelve, New Moon and I started watching the Blindside. Quite a lot of films - loveeely. Now I'm off to meet Annika and her friend from sweden, Madde, who arrived yesterdays. We are going to Hugo's for some drinks! =) We don't have school on Monday or Tuesdays now for 5 weeks, thank god.

See ya in Milan (Cia & Millan)

I have, for the first time in Sydney, actually spent a day studying. The first thing I did when I woke up was to run to the park and jumped rope (haha I don't know how to make it into a verb) for an hour - the most tiring thing out of all work out types. I couldn't jump for more than like 5 minutes then I needed a break. Well - no more cigarettes again for me, ever. Like Camille's doing - bootcamp til graduation, fine it might not be my graduation but whatever, it's a goal! :) Well after my workout sesh, I got a sallad and coffee from Beautiful B and then started doing my Starbucks report thingy. I'm not quite done yet, I'll finish it off tomorrow. Then I only have 2 more reports to do AND an ad AND a presentation for friday. This week is a joke. I'm guessing I will be involved in some heavy drinking there on friday afternoon. Tomorrow is St.Patricks Day which we will be celebrating on sunday instead - some parade thing in Hyde Park. =) Btw - my new phone is legendary, I feel like I'm 10 again, I can like pimp it with themes and shit - amazing.


2 Tea spoons of Wishful thinking

I just saw Alice in Wonderland for the second time! I looove Mia Wasikowska. And of course Johnny Depp is a legend as usual.

The evolution of my phone ownership - I'm so excited

Word of the Day

ailurophile |īˈloŏrəˌfīl; āˈloŏr-|nouna cat lover.

Camille just told me that she has sent one of her many minions to buy her Ben & Jerry's and Coke. Is the queen of the castle abusing her power?


Mourning the death of many braincells. Poor little brain - slowly withering away. Yesterday was Annikas housemates leaving do. Annika and I went to Beautiful Burgers for dinner before getting Maria and walking to Annikas house. The party was fun! Annika went to bed at around 10 though because she had such a headache, she said she was going to lie down for a couple of minutes - and then we never saw her again! Today Maria, Anna, Terry and I went to Bondi to watch the surf competition! The weather is perfect today, around 20 degrees and sunny! =) We saw Kelly Slater, he was in the celebrity surfing part of the competition. I don't know what the hype is about, but apparently it's cool to have seen him. . . I'm just gonna go with it. On monday I get my phoooone! WOHO Thank You Cabbieoke, my Prada is not doing so well anymore, it's going to be a bit sad to replace it though, it has been one dedicated little baby for a good year now! HAHA Ella is now playing Goldfish - Jasmine Sowoud in the bathroom, AND singing along. LOVE it. All I can think about is going home for Camilles graduation - I'm counting the days. I'll get some photos up of the surf comp when I steal them from Anna. She's leaving tomorrow! SUCKS ass. Annika moved to Bondi today! I have officially lost my mother and will have to walk ALONE to school every day now. Bitch.

Monday, March 8

Ew, it's 31 degrees outside. Ella just came home from school and went straight to bed. I'm still hungover and have already slept for like forever, and Annika is also dying I've been told. It has been one heavy weekend. Ella and I had been looking forward to making Taco's and watching a good film on friday for like a proper week. Then comes friday, we take our first glass of wine for the weekend, start talking to Nicholas on skype, after the 1 1/2 hour conversation with him, we realize we have sculled around 2 litres of wine and we're pissed. I start making dinner (on my own, oh the effort!). I go to the roof to have a smoke, in my pj's, meet some french people who live in the apartment beside us, get invited in for a shot, I of course go, I get Ella, she get's a shot, we leave, we go back in to our apartment, turn of all the lights, lie down on the floor and listen to music, drinking and singing along for about an hour. Then we of course think it would be a brilliant idea to go to Purple Sneakers across the road, so we threw on some clothes and then we were out the door. When I'm standing in the gas station just beside our house to use the ATM I meet a friend from home, Lovisa Swärd, extremely random, but Lovisa and her friends are at Purple Sneakers as well so we hang out with them there for a while. Black Black Black. I wake up in my bed, it's saturday morning and my head is having a fit wanting to explode. Thats pretty much friday for you. Annika and I went to see Alice in Wonderland on saturday, and then bought a shit load of fish fingers and fish cakes (I got the strongest and weirdest craving for it) we go home to mine and cook the food, I eat 13 fish fingers and 3 fish cakes, go into a strooong food coma, and then we got ready to go to Marias paartaaay (2 floors below ours). The party was so good. Even though I was shaking from my hang over the first 3 hours, It was a lot of fun! And we have also set up some Ps3 sessions with the lads living there. I'm so excited. This week it's back to "reality", excruciating lessons at Martin College that is.

Beautiful Burgers

We have this place across the street from our apartment called Beautiful Burgers which is like heaven on earth. I went there for the first time yesterday, and today when I go there, she already knows my name, how I like my coffee, where I am from, that I have lived in Ireland and what I am doing in australia. I love it that she (the owner) is from Belfast as well, because their accent is glooorious! I'm so going to become a regular there. It's a bit old school as well, they have these coffecards (the 10th coffe is for free) which I'm used to putting in my wallet, but at Beautiful Burgers they have this filing system where they put your cards, so you don't forget it and miss out on a stamp. . . haha :) I LOVE IT!

It's just insane. I don't know who I dislike more, Heidis sister or her mom right now. Oh her mom came into town and started lighting me up, she was like: I think you're manipulative and controlling and Heidi doesn't tell me all the details of her life anymore! I'm like 'settle down stalker mom'... And then Holly is just like the mooch of the century. I have to like spend my day in a coffeshop because Holly's on my office all day long. She doesn't even leave the condo! I can't even imagine disliking a sister more, she'd make you feel good! Oh and then Holly must have talked Heidi into writing LC some apology letter and like 'lets make peace'. And I didn't know about it. I didn't even get to read it or... spellcheck it. Holly is really throwing some wrenches in this machine. They started the war when they came out here and bombed me like pearl harbour. And every time I say like 'holly move out' Heidi's like: don't listen to him, spencer stooop, don't be mean... (signals a thumbs up)
Thank you Ella for the longest text message and best quote, of all time.

Ella and I got separated in Boxing "class" today, we are not allowed to box with each other from now on. It all brings me back to old times at badminton training, always banned from any kind of interaction with fellow badmintoners - apparently we were a bad influence on those wanting to be serious within the sport.

Vapid |hiˈpäkrisē|

I've been bitching about it being so warm and talking about how I can't wait for it to get cold. Today we had around 19 degrees and a bit of rain, I have been moaning about it all day. Issues?

Oh the Escapades

It's monday again... Annika left me alone in school today (traitorous bitch) but I survived. I have the same class tomorrow and I have to do a presentation which I just now got together, Powerpoint on mac is so difficult, like I'm not technologically retarded and I found it challenging. I think I might youtube a tutorial, I also need to get a grip on this voiceover dude who keeps conversing with me. Life has been very cheerful these last couple of days, I have been living in a bit of a euphoric state since I found out that Ella and I are going home for Camille's graduation in Brussels :) Only three months left! NICK are you coming by the way? You better not bail.
Pictures of friday nights escapades, Annika and I wore those mingen tiaras all night! Oh so attractive. (I secretly love them but that is just something I'm not going to ever admit)

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