The week from hell has finally come to an end.

This week has been the week from hell in school. We had to finish of a shit load of assignments in the courses we finished. We were out of the school around 6 on friday, after finally finishing everything. So me, gabriela, Annika, Fred and Gustav went straight to Fringe Bar after school and celebrated! I also joined Maria at Ivy later that evening, didn't stay for long though, was completely knackered. Other than that, I haven't done Anything but watch films this weekend. I have seen, the Devil Wears Prada (for like the 28th time), Shutter Island, the Lovely Bones (amazing), The Time Travelers Wife (amazing), The Princess and the Frog (amusing), Oceans Twelve, New Moon and I started watching the Blindside. Quite a lot of films - loveeely. Now I'm off to meet Annika and her friend from sweden, Madde, who arrived yesterdays. We are going to Hugo's for some drinks! =) We don't have school on Monday or Tuesdays now for 5 weeks, thank god.


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